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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

 At Liver Law, we specialise in bringing the law to your corner. We

are dedicated to understanding what results you want and to helping you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them.

A Team in Your Corner

A Team in Your Corner

A Team in Your Corner

Every morning, our legal team has a meeting to discuss our cases. This means that no matter who you go with in our firm, the expertise of the whole team weighs in on your case. 

Legacy of Success

A Team in Your Corner

A Team in Your Corner

We have been operating for 10 years and have a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. Check out our success stories, and then schedule your free consultation today.

background & history


Liver Law (a trading style Gray Law Limited) was founded by brothers John Gray LLB(Hons) MA Barrister and Gary Gray LLB(Hons) Solicitor in 2010 with the aim of providing a top quality legal service to the local community with a personal touch.

Both John and Gary are born and bred in Liverpool and understood the needs of the City residents and local surrounding areas and the need to build up a good working relationships with a client, which they believed was often overlooked by many companies and particularly companies further away from the City, but this was a fundamental part to build the company.

The ethos was 'we get each other' and then comes the legal bit - your problem and our advice, delivered in a down to earth way!   You are only a good lawyer, if you can explain the law to someone who has little or no knowledge.  This is our aim and mission, which we have been success with. 

At the time of starting the company, a Barrister and Solicitor working directly together was a new concept.  Liver Law took advantage of this set up and many law firms simply could not offer this level of service.

The company first started trading in Wavertree and then moved to Dale Street in the City Centre and now trades from high street offices in Huyton which now offers great accessibility from all over the City due to transport links and free parking.  The office can easily be reached by car, train or bus.

The Company has been trading successfully for 10 years now and we have grown, expanded and recruited staff but the core value remains the same and all staff 'get' what Liver Law is about.  Client's come first.  We get you and you get us. 

In 2019, John left the company to pursue his dream role of obtaining a Judicial Appointment.  John still practices as a Barrister but also sits as a Part Time Judge.  However this has not stopped the working relationship of John and Gary or the service provided.  John is instructed by the company as a Barrister to assist in the running of the cases.

Service level & what to expect by instructing Liver Law

Liver Law does not take the factory approach of having large number of cases being process by unqualified staff in a factory style approach, which unfortunately some do.  

At Liver Law you have a dedicated file handler who will spend their time in getting to know you, understand your problem and deliver their advise to you in a down to earth way.  No over the top legal jargon which is never needed.  As explained, it is our view that you are only a good lawyer, if you can explain the law to someone who has little or no knowledge.  This is the aim and mission of all our employees.

By having both an experienced solicitor and an experienced barrister on hand from the very beginning, means that Liver Law is equipped to not only to take on ‘run of the mill’ cases but also complex and high value cases.

Many other law firms simply cannot offer this level service.

With Liver Law you know who is dealing with your claim and you can contact them direct at the end of the telephone.  You can also come and see us in person at our offices.  

Unlike others we do not operate out of a call centre providing a faceless service.  We know you and you know us.

Liver Law also understands that compensation is only part of the story and, if necessary, we can help you to access the rehabilitation and offer other support you may need.


Liver Law is a business however our mission is to provide a quality legal service and to always act in our client's best interest.  We do not risk quality or integrity for profit.  

You are our priority.

We are qualified, we are experienced and we are local.

We approach each matter with our full attention and dedication and we aim to protect your interests and exceed your expectations. 

Our Team


Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

A graduate from University of Leeds Law School and Liverpool John Moores Law School, Gary is our Managing Director.

Gary deals the legal management and compliance of the company in addition to fee earning and supervising other fee earners.

Gary has extensive experience in Civil Litigation and specialises in all the litigation areas the company offers. 

Gary currently deals with all the firms Professional Negligence instructions.


Danielle Gray, Practice Manager

Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

Danielle is a graduate of  Univesity of Leeds and Manchester Metropolitian University and deals with operational and HR management of our company.

As our practice manager, Danielle ensures everything is in place for both staff and client's to make sure you get the services you need.


Hayley Chadwick, Admin Manager

Gary Gray, Director / Solicitor

Hayley Chadwick, Admin Manager

Hayley has been with the company from the beginning and started as an Administrative Apprentice.  

Hayley successfully completed the course and has been with the company ever since and has progressed in to managing the administrative side of the company. 



Sian Weston, Solicitor

Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Hayley Chadwick, Admin Manager

Sian started with our company as a paralegal after completing her Legal Practice Course at Liverpool John Moores University and soon obtained a position as a trainee solicitor before qualifying as a solicitor.  

Following qualification Sian specialised in personal injury and medical, dental & cosmetic negligence claims and has remained focused in this practice area since.

Sian now deals with all personal injury and negligence cases for the firm.



Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Debbie joined our firm over 3 years ago as a fee earner.

Debbie has worked as a fee earner in various solicitors across Merseyside for over 30 years.

Debbie has experience in both Claimant and Defendant running of cases.

Debbie has vast experience in dealing with personal injury and housing disrepair cases.

Debbie now deals with all the housing disrepair cases, fighting for adequate housing conditions for tenants.



Kirsty Taylor, Consultant Solicitor

Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Debbie O'Neill, Litigation Executive

Kirsty is specialist military injury solicitor.

Kirsty's career has been dedicated to working in this area having being a trainee solicitor at specialist military injury solicitors, Hilary Merideth Solicitor's and also a military injury solicitor at Irwin Mitchell Solicitor's.

Kirsty join our company as a consultant solicitor to head our military injury department and firmly believes her skills are best served outside a large corporation so she can apply her skills in the best way for our injured service persons.


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